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Blog security is something most bloggers never think about especially when they are just beginning their blogging journey. Much like having a serious car accident, major health issues at a young age or any other major catastrophe most people think being hacked will never happen to them. These are all things that happen to other […]


Reasons To Hire A Coach

February 2, 2016 | By Dee Ann Rice

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Blogging can be really intimidating to someone who is starting out. I know it was for me. I had no one to ask questions of so I spent most everyday reading forums and posts on how to do the very simplest thing. I was determined to do it all myself so I would know what […]


Conquer Fear And Succeed

January 26, 2016 | By Dee Ann Rice

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Fear is something that we all deal with at sometime or another. It can cripple us from making progress no matter what it is we are trying to do. I think many times we do not recognize that what is stopping us from achieving something we really want is actually fear. We may not even […]


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I had an interesting phone conversation with Brent, a new blogger, not long ago. Brent was contacting me because he is interested in getting a blog started. At the present time Brent is working as a roofer. He loves roofing and being outside all of the time but as he reaches his forties he feels […]


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I have been working with several new bloggers recently and Tammi is one of those bloggers.  When Tammi called me all she knew is that she wanted to start blogging but did not even know how to get a blog set up or started. Tammi had lots of ideas for posts but had no place […]


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Goals Allow You To Control The Direction Of Change In Your Favor. ~Brian Tracy Goals will make your blog successful.  Focus, motivation and long-term vision are all a result of setting goals.     Setting Goals Who Should Set Goals Everyone should set goals. It does not matter is you are an experienced blogger or […]


Have You Been Hacked?

December 14, 2015 | By Dee Ann Rice

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Hacking is something that really happens. It can happen to you today, tomorrow or anytime after that. If you have ever been hacked you know how horrible it is. When you go to your blog and find out it has been hacked lots of emotions start emerge. I have been hacked and know several people […]


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Melissa has never blogged before in her life. In fact she has not spent that much time online. Now she is retiring and has decided she wants to blog. Previously Melissa never enough time to do much on the Internet. Her job consumed the vast majority of her time and it did not require her […]