CommentLuv Premium Goes Live

November 15, 2011 | By Dee Ann Rice

The CommentLuv Plugin

CommentLuv Premium becomes available November 16,2011. If you have not purchased the ComLuv Premium plugin during the prelaunch time period I would highly reccommend that you purchase it when it goes live.

Get CommentLuv Premium before the end of November and you can still get it at a lower price than what will be the final price.

There is a free version of this plugin that many of us have used for along time.  Recently Andy Bailey, the developer of ComLuv, produced a paid version.  He has spent the last couple of month, maybe more, testing and tweaking the premium version.


benefits of comluv premium


1. CommentLuv Premium Replaces 7 plugins


2. Top CommentLuvvers

Provides a widget to place a Top CommentLuvvers Box on your blogs sidebar.

top comment luvvers

3.  Additional favorite posts to choose from.

When you comment on someone else’s post not only will you be given the choice of your last 10 blogs to choose from to accompany your comment.  You will also have the choice of 5 other posts or pages.
five additional posts

favorite posts

4. Control of DoFollow


5. GASP Trackback Log Stats

track back log

6. Commentluv Click Stats

Commentluv displays click stats on your dashboard

click stats

7. Keyword Love Control

Additional controls on number of keywords that can be used next to the commenters name.


8. Profile

When you hover over the following image on someones comment:

comluv symbol

You will see a profile similar to the following one.  This is Barry Wells profile box.  He has his very well set up.


final benefit


The last benefit I want to talk about is the customer service.

Andy does phenomenal customer service.  In my opinion the customer service alone is worth the price of the plugin.

I had a problem with my Top CommentLuvvers box not working.  I contacted Andy and he was usually back to me immediately.  There were times we actually did a chat through the support desk.  That is how fast he would answer my latest reply.  When there was a lengthy lag it was because I did not get back to him for 24 hours.

The fix was not an instant fix and I had to get him information as well as preform several tasks.  Andy worked diligently until the problem was solved and it was nothing he had done.

I had changed the prefix on my files in my data base to try to protect my blog content.  Since I did not have the default “wp”, commentluv was not picking up the statistics.

Once Andy figured out what was wrong he fixed his plug-in to accommodate non-standard data base prefixes, sent me an update immediately and just that fast my Top CommentLuvvers box was functioning again. Wow!

The next day Andy had the update available for everyone.

I have never seen customer service like this.

This is a really great plugin.

The CommentLuv Plugin


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