8 Copywriting Tips For Bloggers

December 10, 2013 | By Dee Ann Rice

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As bloggers our only way to communicate with people is though writing.

How much attention do we pay to our copywriting though. I think in an activity where the main form of communication is writing we should be a lot more conscious of copywriting.

I know that I do not pay as much attention to my copywriting as I should. Sometimes I get in a hurry and publish my post without properly proofing it. Most of the time I do get my post proofed but many times I still fail to use some of the other copywriting skills.

Here are a few copywriting tips that may help in writing blog posts.

Proof Your Finished Post For Spelling Errors.

I think this is a very basic copywriting task and it should be done on every post before it is published.

Now I already told you that I am guilty of not doing this sometimes. I usually will go back and do it later. Then I am embarrassed that I actually published something with so many spelling errors in it. So I am guilty also but I still think this is really important.

I see lots of spelling errors when I am reading posts. The most common errors are not words that are just misspelled but words that are homonyms.

Here are some examples:




These words sound alike but are spelled different and have different meanings. If you spell the word wrong it does not make any sense in the context you are using it

Format Text To Get It Read

Formatting text in blog posts is different from formatting text offline.

Readers on the internet do not like to read large bodies of text. They prefer the text to be broken up into small chunks.

I homeschool my children and I have taught them that a paragraph consists of at least 3 sentences which includes an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Many times a paragraph will be 10 to 15 sentences long with the majority of the sentences comprising the body.

When I started writing my blog posts I had to learn to write a new way.

When writing online there are no real paragraphs as I described previously. Instead each topic is set apart by a formatted heading and the information about the topic is separated into several 1 or 2 sentence units. These units will be addressing a specific thought or idea about the topic.

Write Like You Are Talking To A Friend

I have said this before but I will say it again.

When writing on a blog the best way to write is how you would talk to a friend.

By writing like you are talking to a friend you will build a relationship with your readers. They will start to feel like they know you.

Again this is very difference from how I taught my children and how we all learned to write “properly” offline.

Have a call-to-action

Typically people do not take action unless they are asked to or instructed to.

If you want your readers to leave a comment or share your post on social networks you need to ask them to do so.

Always include a call-to-action at the end of your post.

Use good headlines

Your headline is the first thing readers see. If you have a good headline people will be attracted to your post. They will want to open the post and read it.

Creating a good headline is a learned skill and for me is difficult.

Adrienne wrote a post recently on writing good headlines. You can find it here Jon Morrow Told Me It Is Okay To Steal. Adrienne includes many great tips and headline ideas.

By the way, Adrienne has a great headline also.  It entices people to read the post.

Make your post short and to the point

Many people do not want to read long, detailed posts.

In order to get more people to read your posts make them short and to the point. If you want to write a longer post, make your post skimmable. This will allow those who want to read short posts the ability to get the gist of the post without reading the whole thing yet accommodate those who are interested in more in depth information.

Use images

Images are a great way to break up text and make your post more appealing to the eye.

Using an interesting image at the beginning of your post is a great way of getting your readers attention.

Use Video

Putting a video into your posts every now and then is a good way to increase your readership.

Some people really like videos and will come to your post just to watch the video.

Publishing your video on YouTube will attract more people to your blog.

What are your thoughts?

I am sure you have some copywriting tips as well or maybe you disagree with me.

Leave me a comment and just say “Hi” or let me know what your thoughts on copywriting are. I look forward to hearing from you.


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