Customer Service Part 2

March 18, 2014 | By Dee Ann Rice

Customer Service

In my last post I talked about how my problems were solved by Ashvini because of his excellent customer service. Not only did he make sure I had his plugin set up properly on my blog, he also addresses some issues with my blog that had nothing to do with his plugin.

If you did not read my last post you can find it here Great Customer Service To The Rescue.

As I approach the long over due launch of my product Customer Service among other things have been on my mind a lot.

I want to make sure I am giving excellent Customer Service to my customers. That is what prompted this post.

What is Customer Service

We all know what we expect for customer service off line.

If I walk into a store and cannot find what I want, I would like to have someone from there store available to help me find it or answer my questions.

It is very similar online. If I am looking at a piece of software that I am interested in buying, I would like to be able to ask questions and get answers within a reasonable length of time.

If I buy a piece of software or a course, I expect to be able to ask questions when I do not understand something or am having troubles making something work right.

I think as consumers we would all pretty much agree that this is what we expect out of Customer Service.

Why Provide Customer Service

Providing Customer Service is essential to keeping customers.

If you have a product or are thinking about producing a product customer service is an essential part of the process after the product is released.

Much of your advertising online is word of mouth. This includes other people writing posts about your product because of their great experiences with the product.

Most likely a really great experience has to do with talking to the product creator and getting the help or information needed to properly use the product.

Without customer service your product will not get the exposure, you will not make as many sales and you will lose the customers you already have. This means your list will actually shrink, something no internet marketer wants.

How to Provide Great Customer Service Online

This is very simple. If you sell a product and promise something, make sure you give that service to your customers.

  • Service should be given without the customer having to purchase an additional product or having to pay an extra price.
  • Service should be given in a reasonable length of time.
  • Follow up with your customer to make sure their problem was solved.

By doing this you will grow your list and there by increase the amount of money you are making now and in the future.

What All This Means To Me As I Produce My First Product

I am finding that so much more goes into producing a product than meets the eye and customer service is on of those things that I have been thinking about recently as I get closer to my release date.

I want to product great customer service so my customers will tell their friends about it and even mention me in their posts.

Products I Would Recommend Because Of Great Customer Service

Comment Luv – Andy Baily **

ShareJuicePro – Ashvini Saxena **

CB Leaderboard — Bill and Erin **

What About You

Have you had good or bad experiences with customer service? Do you have any suggestions for others who are maybe producing their first product about customer service?

I love comments so just stop by and say “Hi” if nothing else.


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