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February 23, 2016 | By Dee Ann Rice

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Writing your first blog post can be terrifying.

You have no idea what to write or how to write it.

You are not a professional writer. You think that in order to write a blog post you have to write like a professional writer and if you don’t write like a professional writer no one will ever read your post.

From your perspective you are the only person on the Internet who has these fears. The reason you think this is because you also think everyone else writing blogs is a professional writer.

These fears are very common to newbie bloggers. 

These are the fears that Beth had when she decided to blog for the first time.

Beth is a woman in her mid 30’s. Her husband is in the military and they have moved frequently during their entire married life. Beth does not have any children but also does not work because they have moved so often.

Recently Beth got the idea to start a blog. She thought this would be the perfect job for her. It will not matter how often or where they move she can keep doing what she is doing. 

Beth has tried other work at home schemes in the past but found it hard to keep doing most of them when they moved out of the country or away from the people above her. For Beth blogging seems like the perfect solution to the problems of having a continuous job as a military wife.

Having decided what she wanted to do, Beth started looking into how to get started. She was really excited about putting her blog up and learning how to manage it. She planned on hiring a coach to help her learn how to install a blog and get it running so that part was not scary at all. She would have someone to ask all of her questions.

The Problem For Beth

For Beth the thought of writing posts other people would actually read or would want to read scared her speechless.

Beth was not a professional writer and had no idea how to write a blog post. She was terrified at the idea of anyone reading what she wrote.

As scared as she was about people reading what she wrote she was more terrified that no one would ever want to read anything she wrote.

After all why would anyone be interested in anything she had to say?

Beth truly believed she needed to be an accomplished professional writer in order to write a blog post anyone would read.

Write A Blog Post Like A Blogger

One of the most startling things about blogging to a newbie is the fact that writing a blog post does not take professional writing skills.

In fact it is preferable not to use professional writing methods or even the writing methods we were taught in high school when writing a blog post. 

When writing a blog post you are not writing a newspaper article, a professional research paper or an article for a professional journal.

The people who read your post will most probably not be the same people who read those types of media either. Well, maybe they will read a newspaper but they will not be expecting your blog to sound like a newspaper.

When I talked to Beth about writing her first post her biggest worry was “I was never good at writing in high school and now I can not even remember what they taught me.”

My response back to her was “that is good because you don’t want to write like that anyway.”

You want to write like a blogger because you will be a blogger not a journalist or professional writer.

This brought some relief to Beth but she still did not know how to write a blog post.  

So How Do You Write Like A Blogger?

The best advice I ever got when I was starting my blog was to write my post like I was talking to a friend. 

You should be talking to one person in everyday language when you write your blog post. 

In order to communicate to that one person what you want them to learn from your post you need to write the same way you talk in everyday life. 

The best way I can explain it and the way I explained it to Beth is think about going to a coffee shop with a friend. 

You both arrive and greet each other, order your coffee and find some comfortable chairs to sit down in then immediately start talking about what has been going on in your life.

Your friend asks you how you handled some problem you have been having. Maybe it was how you handled something with your children, maybe they knew you were tiling your bathroom yourself so they asked you how you did that or how you made a specific desert that they really liked when they were over to your house last.

It really does not matter what the subject is. You are not going to respond like you were reading out of the Wall Street Journal and if you do your friend would lose interest immediately.

You are going to talk the same way you always do in a conversational manner. 

That conversational manner is also how you are going to write your blog post.

Forget everything else you ever learned about writing and write like you talk. Use all of the verbal expressions you use when you are talking.

You want people to know you are a real person and that you are talking to only them.

When people feel like you are talking only to them, you will start to achieve what you want to achieve with your blog. 

Results When You Talk To Your Readers

When you talk to your readers like you are talking to a friend in a coffee shop they feel like you are talking to them and only them. 

You will begin to build a relationship and trust with your readers.

Down the road when you have a product to sell, your readers will buy from you because they know and trust you.

Do You Need Help Learning How To Get Started Blogging?

I am eager to help you learn how to get started blogging and writing like a blogger. I will also show you how to set up your blog and how to write posts. Click here and tell me where you are right now and we’ll set up a time to discuss how I can help you so you will not have a fear of the technical stuff anymore.

I will also answer any more questions you may have about blogging. 

I would love to talk to you soon.

I Love Comments

I would love to hear your thoughts on my post.

We all started out with fears of writing that first post. Share what your fears were or are. 


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