Facts About Affiliate Programs

October 28, 2013 | By Dee Ann Rice

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With the launch of my product getting closer I am now looking for those people who not only will want to buy my product but are also interested in selling it with me.

I would like to invite all of you to join my Affiliate program and sell my product when it is released but, first I want to tell you just what being an affiliate is all about.

Definition Of Affiliate

According to Your Dictionary the definition of an affiliate is 1) an arm of an organization or a subsidiary.noun 2) A person who is in some way connected to another person or organization.noun 3) Affiliate means to connect yourself with someone or something else.verb

What Is An Affiliate Program

An affiliate program allows a person who would like to make money to connect themselves with a person or organization who has products that they would like to sell.

These products may be products the seller has developed themselves which is what I am doing or products other people developed and the seller has organized someway to be sold which is what Amazon does.

Why Join Affiliate Programs

You would want to join an affiliate program to promote a product that someone else has developed.

When you join an affiliate program you are basically letting someone else do the work of producing a product. All you have to do is promote that product to your list, friends and followers in order to get paid a percentage of the sale price.

This is a great way to make some money without having to actually develop a product. Since developing a product is quite involved and takes a lot of time it makes sense to promote other peoples products even if you have your own.

Build Your List By Promoting Affiliate Products

Promoting affiliate products is a great way to build a list. By consistently promoting products you will continue to get more and more people on your list.

Having a large list is very beneficial when it comes to producing and selling your own product.

My Product – Blog Security Defender

As most of you know my product is called Blog Security Defender. It is a membership site that contains videos, text tutorials, product links, plugins and code for securing a blog in order to stop hackers from being able to gain access to your blog and destroy it.

Here is my sales page. It tells all about my product and is the most extensive description of the product that I have.


Join My Affiliate Program

Now you know what an affiliate program is and what my product is all about.

If you would like to partner with me and help me sell my product, please fill out the form below.

This is only to tell me that you would like to become an affiliate. I will only be sending you information you need as an affiliate for Blog Security Defender or any future products I may create. I will not be filling your email box with messages on a regular basis.



If you find this post interesting or useful could you please share it with your friends. Thank you.




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1 Adrienne
October 31, 2013 at 6:58 am

Hey Dee Ann,

I’m so sorry I forgot to come back by to check out your post. I got so darn busy after our call earlier this week and just got on a roll.

Well you know I’m signing up and will definitely be here to support you. Having been through your product and you being the one who has helped me the most with understanding the security issues I think you’ve done a fantastic job. I’m sure everyone else will think so too soon enough.

So I’m signing up and you can count on me. I’m excited for you and can’t wait for it’s launch. Best of luck and thanks for this explanation. I hope everyone else will jump on board.

Happy Halloween!

Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Blogging, Speed, Listly, Tweets, Old ContentMy Profile


2 Dee Ann Rice
October 31, 2013 at 12:02 pm


Don’t worry about not getting here. You know how slow I am. I seem to move at tortoise speed recently.

I know you are there to support me and I very much appreciate it.

I really am trying to get this launch off the ground. There are so many things to do and Barry tells me to be sure I have affiliates signed up and ready to go. So here is my try at getting affiliates.

Now I just have to get out and comment so people will see my post.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Dee Ann
Dee Ann Rice recently posted…4 Benefits Of CommentingMy Profile


3 Arbaz K November 3, 2013 at 6:25 am

Affiliate marketing has always been something that I love to do. Though I have not yet got a breakthrough in my journey. But I am still working towards it.
You too have a product, I came to know about it when reading this post. Bookmarked it and if everything goes as planned I would surely be promoting it in the coming weeks. :)


4 Dee Ann Rice
November 14, 2013 at 6:42 pm


I am working on getting it launched. Thank you for being willing to promote my product for me. I will be announcing the launch in a post as soon as possible.

Dee Ann


5 Michael Belk November 3, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Deann, this product looks a novel idea. You did a great job with the sales page. I wish you success.

My blog is new right now, I do not believe I could sell many. Maybe in the future, but good luck.


6 Dee Ann Rice
November 14, 2013 at 6:42 pm


I am glad you like the looks of my product. I worked hard and long on that sales page. It was very difficult. I am still working on getting my product launched. I have had some off line set backs but will do a post when I am ready to launch.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dee Ann


7 silviu November 9, 2013 at 2:41 am

Hi Dee Ann,

Affiliate marketing is a very important part of the online business world. Your domain, blog security is also a very important niche. Many people will be interested. I am constantly trying to improve the security of my blog so I am interested in any tool that can help me.
I will check your affiliate program and do everything I can to promote the product.

Have a wonderful weekend
silviu recently posted…How to Celebrate Success in Times of TroubleMy Profile


8 Dee Ann Rice
November 14, 2013 at 6:42 pm


I think you will find my product very useful when I get it launched. I had no idea what went into a launch. I am working on it while being terribly distracted by off line issues.

I appreciate anything you can do to help me promote my product. Thank you very much.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dee Ann


9 Filomena Dapaz November 21, 2013 at 11:12 am

Hi Dee Ann
I found your blog true the Adrienne Smith blog
she is a very nice lady,and i like to read her posts but sometime i get caught in some off line issues,and some low self-as-team but life go’s on.
my approach to you today is to tell you that i am interested in purchase and promote your product but not sure how to start.
did you lunch it yet?
do you have a link to get access to it ? please let me know
I hope I was not too inconvenient
Regards,Filomena Dapaz


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