Great Customer Service To The Rescue

March 10, 2014 | By Dee Ann Rice

As many of you know I have been having problems with getting my images to appear on Facebook for quite some time now.

During this time I did everything I could think of to make them appear. I did not even know why they disappeared.




Facebook Open Graph

I read everything I could find on Facebook’s Open Graph which is the Facebook program that is responsible for communicating with our blogs.

No matter how much I read or studied I still did not understand Open Graph. I always felt like I was trying to learn Greek or some really difficult language.

Now I thought I did pretty well to know some HTML and I have played with PHP but Open Graph was completely over my head.

I even tried several Open Graph Plugins but they did not do the trick. My images still did not show up.

The Problem

I finally figured out how to make my images upload to Facebook with the help of Ashvini. If you do not know, Ashvini is the creator of ShareJuicePro. This is a fabulous plugin that really does work with Facebook Open Graph.

It turned out that my .htaccess file had some code in it that needed to be removed. This was code that I had not put in the .htaccess file. I am not sure how it got there but it had been place there by another program of some sort.

Once I removed the code Facebook was able to communicate with my blog and find the images. That was a huge relief.

ShareJuicePro Plugin

Then with the help of Ashvini I set up ShareJuicePro so all of the Facebook Open Graph fields were automatically filled in correctly.

I was so excited when my images started appearing again. I could not have done it without the help of Ashvini.

I would highly recommend the ShareJuicePro plugin. It actually takes the place of several plugins as it has multiple functions. One of those functions is making it easy for a blog to communicate with Facebook. Which at times seems to be a very difficult thing to make happen, at least it was for me.

Ashvini is also very helpful and really knows the meaning of customer service. Now not all of my problem was with using his plugin but he was great. He responded quickly and answered all of my questions and helped me set up his plugin correctly.

All my frustrations came to an end in a matter of a few emails.

What About You?

Have you had frustrations that were solved quickly by talking to the right person? Have you had similar difficulties with images on Facebook?

I would love to hear from you so, leave me a comment even if you have never had an experience like mine.


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