If You Don’t Secure Your Blog Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later

February 9, 2016 | By Dee Ann Rice

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Blog security is something most bloggers never think about especially when they are just beginning their blogging journey.

Much like having a serious car accident, major health issues at a young age or any other major catastrophe most people think being hacked will never happen to them.

These are all things that happen to other people but not us. It is kind of like winning the lottery. We all wish we would win the lottery but we never do. When the odds of a serious incident happening to us are a hundred thousand to one we assume that we will never be that one.

Unfortunately we may never win the lottery but most likely at some point something bad or unexpected will happen to us.

This is why we buy insurance, both auto and medical and it is why we should be proactive when it comes to security on our blog.

Rachel is a young mom who recently put up a blog with the intentions to eventually make some spending money with her blog.

She did the research and put up her own WordPress blog. Rachel did a really great job of setting up her blog and was starting to write posts.

Unfortunately Rachel did not know how to make sure her blog was secure or what security measures were necessary in order to keep a WordPress blog safe. She also had not backed up her blog.

When Rachel called me, she was panicking because someone had hacked her blog. She was feeling violated, angry, worried about her content, and scared she would lose all of her hard work.

Blog Security

The following infographic gives information about blog security and why it is important for your blog.

Blog Security Solutions

When Rachel contacted me we talked about what she should do immediately in order to save her blog from continuing to be hacked and then what she could do in the future in order to attempt to stop it from ever happening again.

After talking Rachel was feeling better and had hope of saving her blog and all the work she had done to get the blog to the point it was at now.

She addressed the issue at hand which was solving what had happened when her blog was hacked and was ready to start trying to prevent a future hack.

Solutions When Setting Up A Blog

Rachel told me she had used a program to automatically set up the blog for her. We then discussed how a blog set up in this manner was not nearly as secure as a blog set up manually.

When using a program to set up a blog the program uses the same default information for every blog it sets up. This enables hackers to know information about things like your prefixes in your database that they would not know if you set up a blog manually.

The use of a good user name and password for logging into the WordPress Admin Area and your C-Panel is also essential to good security. I try to make up a good user name and I use a password generator to generate a password that is 18 characters long which includes numbers, lower and upper case letters and symbols.

Solutions When Adding Security To An Existing Blog

Since Rachel’s blog already existed we began adding security to her blog.

The first thing we did was to backup both the database and files for her blog. This is the most crucial thing to do consistently in order to keep your blog secure. Without a backup the chances of losing your entire blog when hacked is extremely high.

Rachel was lucky when she was hacked because she was able to save most of her content on her blog even though she did not have a backup.

After backing up Rachel’s blog we proceeded on to improving her user name and password so they were much more secure.

We secured the database so hackers would not be able to access it as easily.

We also added a multi-step login process, which would help eliminat the possibility of a hacker being able to get into her blog through the login window.

What Next

Over the next few weeks Rachel and I will work together to continue to make her blog more secure. It is not possible to absolutely prevent a blog from being hacked but like Rachel you can take preventative steps to discourage a hacker from hacking your blog.

One of the most important and simple step you can take to ensure you do not lose your entire blog when disaster happens is to regularly back up your blog, both the database and files. If you have a backup you can always restore your blog after addressing the issue that caused the loss of your data.

Without a backup you may not have a blog left.

Rachel hired me to work with her to secure her blog and teach her how to backup up her blog.

Do You Need Help Securing Or Backing Up Your Blog

I am eager to help you learn how to secure and/or backup a blog so here is what you’ll need to do. Click here and tell me where you are right now and we’ll set up a time to discuss how I can help you so that your blog is protected against hackers or accidental deletions.

I Love Comments

I would love to hear your thoughts on my post. Leave me a comment and let me know your experiences having to do with blog security. Have you ever been hacked or lost your blog? What were the results? Did you have a backup?

Maybe you are just starting your blog. Do you know how to backup your blog and add a few things to enhance the security?


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