Information Overload And Getting Traffic To My Blog!

April 15, 2011 | By Dee Ann Rice

I only thought that everything was set up for my blog and website I am doing as part of Alex Jeffry’s Forward To Marketing course that I am doing.

I actually had most of it set up in the last blog but figured out there was still more to do. I think I am actually coming close now to having everything mostly set up. There are still a few things I can do to the blog but it will do for now.

Now I realize the set up was the easy part and that was the only part I had actually gotten done over the last couple of years. No wonder I didn’t make any money to speak of on line.

So if I thought I was on information overload during the set up, I know that I am on information overload now. My head is just spinning.

Now I have to write articles, blog posts, update my facebook and twitter accounts, make youtube videos just for starts, oh ya don’t forget “Oil Rig Hopping”.

All I can think right now is how on earth am I going to get this all done every day?

Then I tell myself it is by being organized and just methodically doing each task and moving on. I can sit for hours and set up a website, moving from one task to another and not think anything of it.

So why should this seem so overwhelming. I think it is overwhelming because we can do what we know how to and not think anything of it.

I remember when I started doing websites, which by the way were very poor to begin with, I was very overwhelmed by it. I would go sit in my living room with my head just spinning from information overload. Slowly the feeling of information overload disappeared and now I don’t even think about it when putting up a website.

So what does this tell me? I just have to jump in with both feet and start doing as much of these activities I can every day. I have decided that the only way to get past information overload is to do something enough that it becomes easy.

So my plan for the week is to learn how to do each activity with some proficiency. Even if it does not get done with the frequency that it is supposed to. I will get faster at everything as time goes on.

I am more familiar with some things than others. I have used both facebook and twitter so I know more about those. I have also made a couple of videos in my life so I have an idea of how to do that. I just need to get an idea on what to do the video on.

Then there is Oil Rig Hopping. I have never done this before. From what I have read about how to do it, it is not that difficult. I think again it is just getting past the information overload and learn all of the in’s and out’s of Oil Rig Hopping. As soon as I learn it will be easy and fun. I am really looking forward to doing this. Since I have never done Oil Rig (Blog) Hopping if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

I love meeting new people and look forward to all of the new connections I will make.

So with that said I am off to start my Oil Rig Hopping. Hope to see you on the Internet somewhere.



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