Is Blogging A Business?

March 25, 2014 | By Dee Ann Rice

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Whether blogging is a business has been on my mind lately as well as the topic of several conversations with other people.

In my post this week and possibly next I want to address the question of whether blogging is a business, just what makes something a business and what role blogging plays in a business.

Why Do Bloggers Blog?

You will find people blogging for a variety of reasons in all niches.

Many people blog because they enjoy it. It is a great way to connect with other people who enjoy the same things they do. Many of these people who blog for enjoyment do not have any interest in ever making money.

Journal Blogs

I know of many “Mom” blogs where moms will just blog to record the journey they are on as they raise their children. Their blogs are a way to document the lives of their children as they grow. Blogs like these are also a gift to the children they are about.

When the child is grown they can look back and see what happened when they were growing up. This is kind of a modern day Baby Book.

During the process of creating this documentation of their child’s life, the mom meets others who are living in the same season of life. Friendships will develop and helpful ideas will be shared.

Teaching Blogs

I think these can be found in any niche.

Sometimes the authors of these blogs are interested in making money. Other times the blogger is just sharing knowledge that will be helpful to other people interested in the same niche.

Like I said above these can be found in most every niche. I know of internet marketing, nutrition, food, and many other blogs that are only there to share information about that niche. I know of others who are trying to make money with their blogs.

Authority Blogs

Some bloggers will blog to establish themselves as an authority in a particular niche.

By establishing themselves as an authority they will be able to sell a product much easier.

Creative Blogs

When I think of creative blogs, I think of blogs having to do with cooking, crafts, sewing, knitting, art and many other creative areas.

These blogs tend to be a combination of a journal and a teaching blog.

Creative bloggers are sharing what they have created as well as giving instructions on how you too can create these master pieces.

Cause Blogs

These blogs promote a cause of some kind.

The cause might be something political, animal rights, human rights of some sort or any number of other causes out there.

Make Money Blogs

There are blogs out there that have one purpose and that is to make money. I am not sure whether these blogs actually make money on their own or not.

One type of make money blogs are ads for off line businesses. These blogs are basically a sales page for the off line business. I have seen blogs that advertise a dentist, store, lawyer, or doctor to name a few. These blogs are basically just an online presence for the off line business.

There are also bloggers that sell advertising space on a blog that gets lots of hits each day. The blogger is able to make money off of the advertising that they are selling.

Other Blogging Types

I am sure there are other types of blogs that I have not listed here. These are just a few large categories of blogs.

What makes Blogging A Business?

Many people claim to have a business and this business consists of their blog.

Out of the categories that I listed above I think a blog in the “Make Money Blog” category could actually be a business under the right conditions.

In order to have a business you have to be making money. So if your blog is making money then it would be classified as a business.

If you are just connecting with other people through your blog then it is not a business.

Does A Blog Need To Be A Business

I really don’t think a blog needs to be a business. It can just be a blog and you can use it to promote a business or a number of other things.

I know of many people who do have online businesses and use a blog to be visible online. In this case the blog would be part of a business but not a business by itself.

How To Start An Online Business

A great way to start an online business is through blogging. I think most bloggers started out with the thought of making money.

We just all need to remember that our blog is our face online and we need to venture into other areas to actually make money online. We can of course advertise these ventures on our blogs. The more successful a blog is the more successful a product sold on the blog will be.

What Do You Think?

Did you start our thinking that you would actually make money from your blog? Does your blog make money? Do you have an online business that is successful and what role does your blog play in that business? Do you just blog for pleasure and love it?

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. I love comments and would love to hear from you.


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