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April 10, 2012 | By Dee Ann Rice

Pinterest is taking the internet by storm.

If you are not using it you are missing out on traffic.

If you still need an invite to Pinterest leave me a note in your comment and I will send you one.

Sometime back I did a post – Pinterest – Bookmarking Fun! – that contained a video on Pinterest and I can not believe how many hits that video has received.  I know that other people do videos all of the time and get hundreds of thousands of viewings but my videos are not like that.  I might get a hundred or two and I think that is good.

My Pinterest video has been viewed 11,310 times as I write this post.  More and more people are joining Pinterest everyday.

Monitor Your Pinterest Account

Up until now it was impossible to monitor your Pinterest stats. There was no way of knowing what pin was drawing the most traffic and how many times a pin was being viewed.

There are two new pieces of software that will allow you to monitor your Pinterest stats.

Pinerly is still in beta form as far as I can tell.

In order to get Pinerly you have to sign up for it and they will send you an invite when they are ready to go live.

Go to in order to get on the waiting list and get a sneak preview of just what it will do.

Pinerly is supposed to provide analytics as well as several other features to help you monitor your Pinterest account.

WP Pinner is a WordPress plugin to manage your Pinterest account directly from within your own WordPress admin area.

With WP Pinner you will be able to easily manage who you follow, schedule pins based on your WordPress posts or external sources and keep track of your account.

You will be able to track CTR, clicks, likes, repins, reach, and other stats that will help you manage your Pinterest account to your best advantage.

Sign Up Now

Head on over to Pinerly and WP Pinner to get on the list to receive these new programs for managing your Pinterest account.

What Do You Think?

I always like to know what my readers are thinking.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about Pinterest. How you think Pinterest compares to other social networks. If you use Pinterest and do you like it? Do you think having a better way to manage your Pinterest account would be of value?


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