Oh My @$#%^&%#, I Just Deleted My Entire Blog!!!

May 6, 2011 | By Dee Ann Rice

I wanted to cry when I realized that I had just deleted my entire blog with two clicks of the mouse and yes, it was that easy and that fast and everything was gone including the databases. I had just deleted the blog I was using at the moment –

I was trying to delete the blog off of a different domain and accidentally brought up the wrong domain. As it was late at night and I was tired I was not paying to close attention to just what was going on and I deleted everything off of the wrong domain.

This should not have been such a big deal if I had backed up my blog.

I am a fanatic about backing things up. I back up my computer every night on to a two terabyte hard drive. I also sync all of my documents on to that same hard drive. That way I have the back up as well as a copy of everything on my harddrive. I sync and back up my websites on a regular basis.

So when I deleted the entire blog I thought “oh ya I have a back up”.  The only problem was the backup was on the server where I have just deleted everything. The backup program that I used backed the data up to a location within the blog. Then I needed to transfer the backup to another location which I had not done yet as I really did not intend to do anything to that blog.

This did solve one of my dilemmas. I was trying to decide if I really wanted to use or This pretty much decided the issue as when I lost everything off of and had to start over it made the decision easy to decide to use

So how do you back up a blog or website? Well there are quite a few different ways to do it. There are several plugins out there that backup for you. The problems I have found with some of the plugins is that they sometimes work and sometimes they don’t. I have used plugins that have successfully backed up my website several times and then one I will get a corrupt backup. I always try to back up a couple of different ways.

How To Back Up A Blog

First off there are two parts to your blog. The first part is the databases where all of your data is kept and the second part is the wordpress part or the stuff you see on a FTP program. Some of these solutions back up both parts and others only backup one or the other. In order to have a complete backup you have to backup both your databases and the wordpress part.


BackupBuddy – WP backup, restore, migration plugin

This is a plugin that you have to buy and costs $45 for two web sites and goes up from there for additional websites. I love this plugin as it is really easy to use. It backs up the databases as well as the wordpress part of the blog. So when backed up you have a complete copy of your blog. Backup Buddy makes either restoring a blog or migrating a blog to a new domain easy. The thing you have to remember about this plugin is that it saves everything back onto your blog. Then you have to transfer it to another location which is also easy and is done from within the plugin or with an FTP program. This is what I had used to back up my website and had not moved the backup.


This is a free plugin that I have been using recently. It backs up the databases. The really nice thing about this plugin is that you can set it up to send you an email with a backup of the databases at whatever frequency you choose. I have it set up to send me a database backup daily. This way I have all of my content in the event that something in advertently happens to my blog. I was not using this plugin at the time I erased my blog. I had not put this plugin on yet.


This is another free plugin I have used in the past. It also lets you schedule a back up of your blog database and have it emailed to you at whatever interval you choose. Again this only backs up the databases and not the wordpress part of your blog but at least you retain all of the content for your blog.

Synchronizing programs

Good Sync — Backup or Synchronize Your Files

I love this program also. I use this almost every day to back up my computer and my websites. This program cost $29.95 but you can try it before you buy it. You can pick what you want to sync and where you want to sync. It will sync from your computer to online, online to your computer or between computers or external hard drives. I sync my blogs from the ftp to my external hard drive. That way my blog is backed up. This only backs up the wordpress part of the blog.

Window Live – Mesh

This is a free sync program. I have never used this so do not really know how it works but do know they give you 5GB of free storage online when you download and install this program.

Manual Backups

Sometimes I just prefer to just do it manually as then at least I know it is done.

I thought the best way to show how to manually backup was to do it on a video.  So please watch the following video to learn how to manually back up your data base and wordpress part of your blog.



The one thing I learned out of this whole situation was that I need to back up my blog right away and not wait. I also would suggest that you use a couple of different forms of backup as sometimes the backups fail.

I now have this blog backed up and will be online again. I will be visiting blogs again and commenting. I would love comments on my blog.



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