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March 31, 2014 | By Dee Ann Rice

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Last week I talked about whether a blog was a business or not. If you did not see that post then you can go here to read it Is Blogging A Business.

I do not think a blog is a business.

It is an important part of a business but alone is not a business.

Business or Billboard?

If a blog is not a business then just what is it?

I think a blog is like a billboard.

The other day I was driving down a road near where I live and saw the following billboard.



When I saw this billboard I could not help but think about a blog and how it really is not a business.

This billboard is not a business. It does not earn any money by itself.

It is however fairly catchy and tells you where to go if you need medical attention. The Urgent care this sign points to happens to be just around the corner at the next traffic light.

The Urgent Care is the business and the billboard I am sure drives a lot of business to the urgent care. I know I have actually gone to this urgent care because I had see this sign and knew where it was.

Blogs Are Online Billboards

Our blogs are actually like online billboards.


They can drive business to what ever it is that we are doing to actually make money online.

Our headers should catch our blog visitors attention just like this billboard catches drivers attention. The thing that strikes most about this billboard is the tag line is catchy and to the point. It says exactly what they do for you when you come to their urgent care.


Posts are another part of our online billboard. These are something that billboards along the roads do not have but are a very important to our blogs.

Your posts should give your followers valuable information so they will keep coming back to your blog.

Make Your Blog A Better Billboard

Making your blog a better billboard is a never ending task. As your blog evolves and things change online upgrading your blog is always a good thing to do.

I have been looking at my blog lately with the thought that it needs some upgrading and improving.

I really need to get a new header that has more professional graphics and a better tag line. The general appearance of my blog and my side bar could also use some upgrading.

I also need to make spend more time on my blog and going to other peoples blogs in order to drive more traffic.

These things will all make my blog a better billboard but they will not make any money without a business. They can however help a business make more money.

Is Your Blog A Good Billboard

What do you think? Is your blog a good billboard? Do you have a business that is being promoted by your blog?

Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.


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