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April 8, 2014 | By Dee Ann Rice

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I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time surfing the net on my phone.

I have an iPhone and I finally got a data plan that allows me to actually read posts on my phone.

This is really great. I can go to any post and read it no matter where I am, which allows me to use all of those short periods of time that I am just sitting somewhere with nothing better to do.

Actually I have to say though this seemed really great until I come across a blog that is not phone friendly. It never fails, I will find a post that I really want to read and the blog owner has not made their post phone friendly. The post will be three times wider than the phone’s screen so I have to continually move the screen back and forth as I read each line.

Worse yet there will be a popup box that is impossible to remove because the “x” to get rid of it is off of the phone’s screen and there is no way to navigate to it. How frustrating this is especially when the post is about something that I really want to read and I don’t want to have to wait till I get home.

Enough of the wining about not being able to read what I want to and on to my point of this post.

Oh, first one more thing. If you are saying about now “If she is spending time reading all of these posts, she must not be reading mine because she never leaves a comment.” There is an explanation. I read a lot of posts but leaving comments on my phone is very difficult. It takes me forever to write a comment with one finger so I always wait till I get home and then it never happens because I have to deal with whatever is falling apart at that moment in the lives of my family. I have to come up with a better system to leave comments. I am working on it.

Now on to the rest of my post.

Your Readers Do Read Your Posts On Phones

Whether you read posts on your phone or not (maybe you don’t even have a smart phone or for that matter maybe you don’t even have a cell phone at all) your have readers do have smart phones and try to read your posts on their phones.

Have you made your blog cell phone friendly?

If you have not made your blog phone friendly then you may want to up date your blog so it is phone friendly. I for one would greatly appreciate it.

Making your blog cell phone friendly is very easy. It involves adding a plugin to your blog and this is one plugin that you should add. I know we are all trying to reduce the number of plugins so our blogs will run faster but I would classify this plugin as a high priority and worth adding.

The plugin I am using is WPtouch Mobile Plugin. You can easily install this plugin by going to plugins>new and doing a search for it right in the admin area of your blog.

My blog without the mobile plugin:

photo 4     photo 5

This is just a miniature of my blog fit to my cell phone screen. I am actually surprised that my blog was just miniaturized to fit onto my phone. Many times I find that the blog is all there but I am only seeing about one third of it because it is way to big to fit. The way a blog shows up must depend on the theme being use.

Notice the text is to small to read and when I make it big enough I can not fit it all on my screen.

Very irritating!!

My blog using WPtouch Mobile Plugin:

photo 1     photo 2     photo 3

You can see everything is adjusted to fit on the phone screen. The text is also big enough to read easily.

Check Out Your Blog On A Phone

Check out your blog on a phone. If you do not have a smart phone ask a friend to check it out.

Find out if it is phone friendly. Today with so many people having smart phones it is very important to have a phone friendly blog.

If you install the mobile plugin be sure to check out your blog again to make sure the plugin is working

Pop Ups

I personally hate popups on any blog, no matter what I am reading the blog on. I especially hate the ones that popup a minute or two into my reading the post. That could be a whole post by itself though. So I won’t go on about it here.

If you do use popups make sure your readers are able to get rid of the popup on a phone. I have started avoiding blogs that I cannot get rid of the popup or it is very difficult to get rid of it on my phone. It makes reading the post not fun.

How About You?

Do you read posts on a phone? Is your blog phone friendly? Is making your blog phone friendly something you have even thought about?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.


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