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January 12, 2016 | By Dee Ann Rice

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I have been working with several new bloggers recently and Tammi is one of those bloggers. 

When Tammi called me all she knew is that she wanted to start blogging but did not even know how to get a blog set up or started.

Tammi had lots of ideas for posts but had no place to put her posts. 

After talking to Tammi for a while I learned a little bit more about her. She was a stay at home mom of 2 young children and her husband was in the military. Because of her husband’s job they moved around quite a lot. Tammi was looking for something she could do from home in order to eventually make money. This would be her spending money. 

I started discussing with Tammi where she needed to start and what her plan of action would be to get her first post up on a blog.


Plan Of Action

Purchase A Domain Name

The domain is how you are going to be known on the internet and is your first way of branding yourself. Many people use their name as their domain. This is because they are branding themselves. You can use most anything you want to though. If it is not your name then it should be something related to what you are blogging about.

If you are buying your first domain name, you can get it free when you purchase your hosting.

Purchase Hosting

Hosting is where your blog will live. 

While there is free hosting out there I would highly recommend that you purchase your own hosting for your blog. 

Free hosting often comes with lots of restrictions and requirements. With free hosting you do not really own your blog, your hosting company does and you are at their mercy.

Pick A Theme

When starting out I would suggest that you pick a free theme. I would also suggest starting with one of WordPress’ theme because they are updated regularly and the code is clean. Some of the other free themes are rarely updated and many times have code that is not very clean.

Later on you will want to purchase a theme. A paid theme has more functionality and will offer more options to make the theme look like you want it to look.

Colors For Your Blog

You can pick 2 or maybe 3 colors that will be used on your blog. These colors will be used as part of your branding. Everything you do on your blog will rotate around these colors.

You will pick your colors before you make your header or have a header made.

Header – Make Your Own or Have One Made

Once you have picked your theme you will know what size header you will need.

If you are good at graphics then maybe you would like to make your own header otherwise you can have a header made. Fiverr is a great place to have your first header made. 

The main things a header should contain are:

  1. Headline – usually your domain name
  2. Tagline – one line describing what you offer in your blog
  3. Your picture

You can add other things like a background image or other images. It all depends what you want your header to look like.

Remember to use the colors you picked when designing your header.

Incorporate Your Colors In Your Theme

Your colors should be used throughout your theme. The color of lines, links, when you hover over links, buttons and anything else that is a color should be coordinated and be part of your color scheme. 

Some of the colors can be changed in the back office of WordPress. Many times the theme will allow you to choose colors for certain things in drop down menus.

If you want other colors changed you will need to do this in a child theme. You might be saying what is a child theme and how do I figure out how to make one? This is the point that you will need to hire someone to help you if you have not done it yet. They can teach you how to make a child theme or put one up for you.

Write Your First Post

Your blog is now ready for your first post. 

This is the point that Tammi was waiting for. She had lots of ideas for posts but did not know how to get to this point.

Is This Overwhelming?

All of this was very overwhelming for Tammi which is why she decided to hire a coach to help her through all of these steps. 

Tammi was far more comfortable completing a list of simple tasks and forwarding her completed tasks to me so I could put together her blog.

Once Tammi had completed the tasks I sent her and sent the material back, I had her blog up in a very short time.

This allowed Tammi to concentrate on what she really wanted to do and that was write posts.

Do You Need Help Getting Your Blog Started

I am eager to help you get started so here is what you’ll need to do. Click here and tell me where you are right now and we’ll set up a time to discuss how I can help you so that you are up and running by the end of the week.

I Love Comments

I would love to hear your thoughts on my post. Leave me a comment and let me know your experiences with getting started blogging or your frustrations.


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