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November 1, 2011 | By Dee Ann Rice


With the advent of the Kindle, it became easy to publish eBooks that could be sold on Amazon for the Kindle.  This is a great way to get your eBook in front of more people.

Did you know that you can also publish your blog on Amazon for Kindle.  People can then buy a subscription to your blog and every time that you update your blog they will receive it on their Kindle.

These subscriptions are fairly inexpensive for people to buy.  They run between $0.99 and about $2.99 monthly depending on what Amazon decides your blog subscription is worth.

You do not make much on a single subscription.  I think that it is about 30% of the cost. This is not something that is going to make you rich but it is another way for people to read your blog.

How to Publish on Kindle


The first thing you need to do is create a Kindle Publishing account.


After signing up for an account, you will come to the following screen.  Click on where it says “your account.”

You will be taken into an area to fill out all of your personal information and any information Amazon will need to pay you if someone subscribes to your blog.

This is pretty straight forward.  You will need to agree to Amazons user agreement at the end of this section.


Now you are ready to submit your blog. Click on “+ Add Blog”

Fill out the information about your blog.  You will need to upload a screen shot of your blog and the header banner.

At the bottom of this form you can save it, see a preview of your blog on Kindle and Publish the Blog to Kindle.


It will take a few hours for your blog to be accepted and during this time will show as pending in your account.

When the blog goes live, it will show as published.

You now will be able to go look at it.

It will look like this:

Now anyone will be able to go to Amazon and subscribe to your blog on their Kindle.  You can also advertise that your blog is available on Kindle from Amazon.

I hope you learned something from my post today.   I had no idea that my blog could be available for people to read on their Kindle until just a few days ago.

I love comments and hearing from everyone who reads my blog.  So, put your comments below.  Tell me what you think.  Is something you think could be valuable?


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