Blog Traffic – Where Does It Come From?

June 2, 2014 | By Dee Ann Rice

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Just as a quick note to begin with, I know I have been gone for a month or more but I am going to try to be back on a regular basis now.

It has been a really rocky spring. I would best describe my life as a roller coaster. I can not help but think of Max when I say that. He might even be able to make a legitimate blog post out of it if he was trying to sell a roller coaster at the time.

My son was diagnosed in the early spring with a Malignant Schwannoma on his Vagus nerve. This is considered a brain tumor and really bad news as nothing can be done about it. He was getting worse so I flew to where he was living to drive him home. Now that is the bad part but on to the good part. When we were driving home he received a call from the doctor who informed him that in the last MRI there was no sign of the tumor. It is completely gone which we are trilled about. This is was truly a miracle.

I have had a really hard time getting back to blogging since all of this went on but am not back.

Where Does Your Traffic Come From?

This is a really important question to ask yourself especially if you have never thought about it before.

In order to find out where your traffic comes from you need to go to Google Analytics. In Google Analytics you can see just where all of your traffic is coming from. Adrienne Smith did a post awhile back that talked about how to use Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from.

Where Do You Want Your Traffic To Come From?

So after you find out where your traffic is coming from the question is just where would you like your traffic to be coming from?

This is an important question as it will dictate how you write your posts. If you are writing for search engines your posts may be different than if you are writing for referral traffic or people who know and follow you.

Search Engine Traffic

I think we would all agree that search engine traffic is important even if you get most of your traffic from a following. There are draw backs to putting to much of your emphasis on a particular search engine such as Google.

If you are relying on Google for all of your traffic and are very careful to follow all of Google’s most recent algorithm, you may get great traffic for a while.

The problem will come when Google decides to change the algorithm to something completely different from what it had been. Then you could loose all of your traffic over night.

I have seen this happen to people in the past and it is still happening. They have to start over because Google pulled all of their traffic.

For this reason search engine traffic tends to be more unstable.

Following or Networking Traffic

This traffic is far more stable. As long as you stay in view and add new content that appeals to your followers they will be loyal.

Traffic from followers is the kind of traffic you get when you network with other bloggers and build a community. You have much more control over this type of traffic. If you are consistent with your blogging, commenting and are actively networking all of the time this type of traffic will be very stable.

Google or another search engines can not take networking traffic away from you. Even if the search engines change everything about how they rank websites you will continue to get this traffic.

Where I Am Right Now

Right now I am not getting much of any traffic as I have been out of sight for several weeks.

It will take me awhile and some work to get the search engine traffic back but if I start blog hopping and visit all of the blogs that I know the authors of, my networking traffic will come back fairly fast. At least that is what I hope.

I think both kinds of traffic are important but I really hate the fact that I can be doing everything right for Google and then in an instance Google changes their algorithm. As soon as they change I may be doing everything wrong and lose all of my traffic. For that reason I tend to concentrate on the networking type of traffic.

What About You?

What kind of traffic do you think is most important? Do you value one over the other? I would love to know what you think about this. I would love to hear from you.



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