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October 1, 2013 | By Dee Ann Rice


We all use WordPress on a regular basis. I actually write my posts in WordPress but I know that other people will use other programs like Windows Live Writer to write their posts.

It does not really matter what you use to write your posts at some point along the way you will have to use the WordPress Text Editor to complete your post and get it ready to post.

There are two parts to the WordPress Text Editor, the Visual part and the Text part.



Visual Editor

You are probably more familiar with the Visual Editor.

Text Editor

The tool bar in the text editor is very plain compared to the visual editor. I always assumed that this tool bar did all of the same things that the one in the visual editor but I didn’t have any idea what each button did. I always just avoided this tool bar. I would use the text edit from time to time to go in and modify some of the html but that was really it.

The fist few of these are pretty self explanatory and we are used to using them on the Visual Toolbar so I am not going to do much explanation.

Like in the Visual Toolbar you will highlight the text you want to apply the change to and then click on the button you want to use.


Use this button to make your text bold


This is used to make your text italics.


This is used to insert a live link into your post.


Use this button to put a part of the text in your post in quotes.


When editing a post this can be used to mark up the original indicating to someone else or yourself that a particular text needs to be deleted.


Use this when editing to insert text.


This alows you to insert an image.


These all have to do with inserting lists into a post. The “ul” indicates an unordered list, “ol” is for an ordered list and “li” is used to indicated a list.

Here is what it looks like in the Text Editor.

Here is the Visual Editor.


Use this the code button if you are including some code in your post. When you highlight the text that consists of the code and click code, your text will look like code from a code editor page.

Post Excerpt

I think this is the neatesst thing on the toolbar.

If you want to only have excerpts of posts on your blog’s homepage this is the tool. Pick where you want the except to end and put your cursor there. Then click on “more” and it will mark the end of the except.

Now when you publish your post and go to the homepage you will see an except of your post instead of the entire post.

Just a note thought. Your theme needs to configured adequately to enable the “more” button to work. I am using the Thesis Theme (this is an affiliate link) and it is compatible with the “more” button.

In this image you will see the code WordPress puts in your post when you click on the “more” button.

In this image you see a bar where the excerpt will end. Only the text above the bar will be on your homepage.

Close Tags

This button is used when you are coding in html. If you put in the beginning tags and then click on this button it will automatically put in the ending tags.

This is in the Text Editor before the “close tags” button is pushed.

Here is what the code looks like after the “close tags” button is pushed.

This is the view in the Visual Editor.

Full Screen

Use this to put your text editor into a full screen.

Until a couple of weeks ago I had no idea how to use some of these tools in the Text Editor Toolbar.

Some of these tools I will probably never use as I can do the same thing in the Visual Editor and I find that much more user friendly.

There are a couple I will be using though. The main one is the “more” tool. I like being able to pick where I want my excerpt to end and I can get rid of a plugin.

Do You Use The WordPress Text Editor?

Do you ever use the Text Editor? Did you know what all of these buttons were for?

Maybe you use another program for the majority of your editing. If so, what program do you use?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about editing your post. I would love to hear from you.


If you find this post interesting or useful could you please share it with your friends. Thank you.




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